He’s NOT A Runner

Meet Brandon: 26 years old. High school grad (2012). Junior college grad (2012). University grad (2017). Writer of fiction. Editor of my writing. Dog dad of a rat terrier named Dash. My running training partner from day one. Overall, a pretty damn amazing human being if I do say so myself. 😁 The thing is, while graduating … More He’s NOT A Runner

The General

My wife is a pointer. To hear her tell it, the last few years have been “tough.” If you press her for details, you may get bits of the story. If you really engage her, before you know it you’ll be able to start piecing together those bits into the skeleton of an entire story. … More The General

I’m Baaaaaaack!

I’m baaaaaaack… and damn has a LOT happened in the last five years! Don’t worry, I’m still a runner… #RunningToSurvive even. Other than that, I practically don’t recognize myself–and to some degree, my family–anymore. Change has been a constant. But, that’s really life, isn’t it? Life is in session, that’s for sure. Hey, speaking of … More I’m Baaaaaaack!